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Webdesign process

Below you can fin the webdesign process for SoulSites. This is just a general overview: each design process is unique and will be personalised for your dream.

The process is designed to make things as easy as possible for you. No stress!

SoulSites process


Discovery call

We start off with the free discovery call: here you can share your dreams and ask all of your questions.



Are we a match? Then I will send you the contract after our call.



After the contract has been signed, I send you some homework. You can share what inspires you, what your company is like, what your specific needs are for your website... Take your time in doing the homework (at least 2 weeks).


Kick-off meeting

At the start of the project we will have a little kick-off meeting, where we discuss your homework and make arrangements for the weeks to come.



The homework serves as input for the next step: the creation of your company's branding.


Creation logo & website

* Coaching

* Feedback sessions

Using the branding, we have a strong foundation to start working on the logo and the website. In this step there will also be feedback sessions, so that I can take your input into account. Coaching will also play a role: how can I support you and your business?


Go-live 🥳

The moment is here: we are ready to publish your website!


Post go-live

After the site's publication I remain available to solve any bugs and (optionally) to manage your website. I will also give you a little Wix lesson.

Are you ready to receive the website of your dreams and to elevate your business?

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