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Eén met de natuur

Websites made
from the heart


A place to make the website of your dreams come true

Are you a small-business owner and do you feel called to make the world a more beautiful place?

 Are you a coach, health counselor, therapist, reiki practitioner, foot reflexologist... and are you eager to be able to reach and help your dream customers as quickly as possible?


Are you really dreading building a website, with everything that comes along with it?

Do you find yourself lost with all of the available options?

Is IT an icky concept to you?


Do you need a website that not only is working on a technical and functional level, but also looks aesthetically pleasing and brings out an emotional response?

Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level?

Then I'm here to help you!

Let me create a beautiful, functioning, soulful website for you, so that you can focus on your mission and fully express your passion in the world!

Let me help you shine your (online) light!

Why do you need a soulful website?

Websites do more than merely transmitting information -
Your website is an energetic representation of you and your company!


Website visitors take only a couple of seconds to decide whether they wish to further explore a website or not. They intuitively feel the energy that's behind the website.

Therefore it is important that your website looks appealing and that it attracts and intrigues people in an authentic way. As a result, potential customers will feel guided to further discover your products or services.

Reactions from previous collaborations...

Our board is very satisfied with Evelyn's work on our website. She often comes up with fresh ideas and immediately implements them on our site. If something doesn't go well, she continues to look for a solution. A real go-getter.


- Marleen Petit, Chairman of the Professional Association of Health Counselors (BE)

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