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Collaborations from the heart

Soulful sites for soulful people

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One of my first websites that was created in co-creation. Our collaboration went very smoothly and we had the site published in no-time. Sandra had a very specific creative vision and knew more or less the look and feel of the site. I was able to help her realize her vision and translate it into a fresh, attractive website.

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Website Rewild your soul

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This is the website of my own practice as a health counselor and reiki master: Rewild your soul. I have put this practice on pause for now to focus on SoulSites.

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I had only just become a member of the Association of Health Supervisors when they were looking for a volunteer to help manage and transform the website. I signed up and since then I have helped to give the site a new, fresh look and I manage the daily operation of the site.

Children playing Tug of War

Children's camp project

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Website still under construction

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broers en zussen

Coming soon...

Canva creations

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