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About me

"Meditation and IT are both interwoven in my daily life"

Hi, my name is Evelyn, I am the driving force behind SoulSites. Every day I start with yoga, reiki and/or meditation and that is also how I end every day. During the day I work on websites, with my heart and soul. A funny combination that works perfectly for me!

In recent years, my focus has shifted from a classic 9-to-5 job in the business world to "how can I really be of service in the world?".

From mind-oriented activities to finding a balance between mind and heart.

From thinking in boxes to coloring outside the lines.

About my background

"Web design... an unexpected guest on my path..."

I have quite a curious career path. After studying commercial engineering, I had a few jobs in the business world, one of which was as an IT consultant. When I closed the door there, I thought my IT years were behind me forever. A burnout a couple of years later made me question my entire life and I started to become more involved with spirituality. I handed in my notice and started a practice as a reiki master and health counselor.

When I created my practice's website, I discovered that the IT bug had not completely left me after all. Designing a website brought out the creative aspect in me. At one point several friends asked me for help with their website. I liked it so much that the idea for SoulSites suddenly started to mature.


About my work process

"A website aligned with head and heart."

SoulSites combines my passion for web design with my creativity and my energetic sense as a reiki master. I see my working method in web design as connecting the heart and mind. I take my time with every project. I use both my analytical IT skills and my energetic sense. The site I create must contribute something to the world, make people happy and bring harmony.

As a Reiki master I always work attuned to the highest good. This means that every website gets an energetic push, right from the start of creation.


(Reiki stands for universal life energy)

Do you like my way of working?

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