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Elevate your entrepreneurship by tapping into your intuition

These and many more videos can be found on the SoulSites YouTube channel

Connect with the SOUL of your WEBSITE ✨🧡 - Visualization -

Connect with your 💛DREAM CLIENT💛 - guided exercise for entrepreneurs

* Connecting the Divine Within *

Discover the NAME and MISSION of your COMPANY ✨🎯 - guided exercise for entrepreneurs

* Connecting the Divine Within *

Connecting the Divine Within

A series of videos with a focus on entrepreneurship and other topics.

Receive powerful insights by tapping into the systems through your intuition.

What's the background on these exercises?

We are all one, meaing we are all part of the same energy system (some call this the quantum field). 

As such you can tune into any part of this system to gain insights and understandings.

By placing anchors (pieces of paper) and seeing the system in a visual way around you, it is easier to tune into the system.

We all have intuitive skills, it is part of being human. So don't worry whether these exercises will or will not work for you.

Don't worry about any specific goal or outcome. Keep an open mind while you travel along with the video.

If information comes up, wonderful!

If nothing comes up, also wonderful!


You did the exercise, opened yourself up for the information and thereby trained your intuition.


On an energetic level, shifts may arise regardless, just by doing the exercise. Intention is everything!

The Connecting the Divine Within videos can be found on this page and on the SoulSites YouTube page

For these exercises you will need...

  • A quiet space where you will not be disturbed

  • A couple of pieces of paper

  • A pen/pencil

  • A notebook to journal about your insights (optional)

Have fun doing the exercises!

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