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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a website if you have social media?

Why would you need a website if you have social media accounts with an audience?

A website is a more free and creative way of expressing yourself and your products/services. Functionaliteits such as online bookings, blogs, webshops, galeries can seamlessly be integrated onto your website. You can play with textst, images, videos, colours, fonts… You are in control of all of it. In this way, your website is truly all yours.

This in contract to social media, where you are fully dependent on the platform and their functionaliteits, look, branding, algorithms. Social media platforms tend to have certain rules by which you need to abide. At any moment they may change these rules, censor content or even block your account.


Creating a website is a way of claiming your online freedom. Websites stand for decentralization, whereas social media stand for centralisation (seeing as the majority of power and profit lies with just a handful of companies).

Wat is expected from you during the design process?

I create websites based on the principle of co-creation en alginement. This means that that I tune into your website's soul and listen to her needs and desires. I also listen to your needs and desires. So the end result (your dream website) does not only depend on my work, but also on your input. 

At the beginning of the process I will give you some homework (don't worry, it'll be fun!). You can share your inspirations and what kind of information your site needs to include. During the whole design process I will keep asking you for feedback so that I know we're on the right track.

This process does take some time and effort from you, so it's best if you schedule some time in advance.

I will be supporting you during this whole process, so no worries, no stress!

Why do I use Wix?

I've used a couple of different webdesign platforms, but Wix is my favorite. Wix is very user friendly and intuitive. It's also an integrated system, providing different app that can easily be added (and many of them are included in the package). 

How do we communicate?

Usually we will communicate through some form of technology (zoom, whatsapp, calling, e-mail). We will find a way that works for us both. If you don't live too far from my home Gingelom (Belgium), than I'd be very happy to meet up live!

Why are there such differences in webdesign prices?

You may have noticed that there is a vast difference in the prices of webdesigners. Webdesigners with low prices will often work with standard templates, simply adjusting their template to their specific customer.

I never work with templates, your website is uniquely made for you. I also work more feelingly than most webdesigners. I tune into what works for you and your company, not only on a aesthetic and functional level, but also on an energy level. I connect with your website's soul, and incorporate her desires into the design. As such you will attract your dream clients, as they will feel a resonance with your website.

On the other hand, there are also webdesigners who ask very high prices. This doesn't resonate with me, as I would like to keep my prices affordable, also for small business owners who are just getting started. I like to use Canva for my logo design, resulting in unique logos at an affordable price. Some webdesigners prefer to use Adobe software for their logo design, which does provide more possibilities in terms of design, but comes at a higher cost.

Why do you need a logo and branding?

A well though out logo en clear branding are the cornerstone of your website. They are the foundation on which we can build a beautiful and powerful website.

A logo and branding are the starting point in the creation of your website as they provide a clear vision in look&feel, colors, fonts, symbols... Aligned colours, fonts and other elements provide a visually appealing website and unity throughout the pages. A well chosen font contributes to the readability of your site. The branding is used not only for your website, but also for business cards, social media, folders...


All of this contributes to feelings of unity and trust with your clients.

Do you need to be tech-savvy in order to manage your website?

After the go-live of your website, we will walk through some of the Wix basics, so that you can easily manage your website yourself. As stated earlier, Wix is a very user friendly and intuitive platform. If you have some IT experience (such as managing your social media accounts), you should have no problem managing your website your self.

If you do not feel secure in managing your website yourself, please feel free to book the TRUST pack, in which I will manage your daily website operations.

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